Sunday, June 7, 2015

a new home.

stroller: urbini-omni dress: LulaRoe
carrier: ergo360

The time has come! After 6 long but at the same time super fast months living with Michael’s parents, we are OUTTA HERE! We’ve been here a little longer than planned because we kept changing out mind what we wanted to do! At first the plan was to rent a townhome/condo. Then we decided we wanted to buy a townhome, and then we decided we wanted to buy a home that our family could stay in for 5+ years! Then back to renting a townhome, and finally we ended with our final decision! Rent an apartment for a year! Obviously the least glamorous and exciting of all the choices, but it doesn’t feel like that right now! I am so stinking excited!! I love new places, I love making places my own, and having a place to call home!

I’ll admit, it was really really hard for me to let go of the idea of buying our first home! Obviously super exciting! But it just was not the right time for us! We have so many things coming up for us that could take us SO many different ways, locking ourselves down in one location and in one house, just wasn’t realistic. Also obviously financially in a few years we will be (well hopefully) we will be more secure, with more savings, and a more set career- and I think then is when we will decide where to plant deep roots! As much as I really, and I mean REALLY wanted that house, I just felt like we were forcing it, and that’s a BIG thing to do at the wrong time!

So we went with the cheapest option and the most flexible option! We want to continue to save for the when the time comes to get our first home so we will be better prepared! We aren’t moving very far from where both Michael and me went to high school, just a couple miles actually! So everything is still very familiar and very home-like to us already! We know and love the area!

It’s been a huge blessing to be able to stay with Michael’s parents for the last six months, in so many ways! It allowed us to really plant ourselves back in civilian life while transitioning out of the army, it allowed us to build up our savings and emergency funds, and for me personally-it really gave me an opportunity to bond with my in-laws which of course I knew and loved before, but nothing gets you acquainted and comfortable with somebody like living with them does! It has been so fun to see their relationship with Milan grow! She loves her Nana and Papa so much! Her face lights up every time they come in the room!

So it’s nice I really don’t have much packing to do because 90% of our stuff is still packed up in boxes in our storage! But I am so so excited to have our own place again! And I’m really excited for the future ahead of our little family!


  1. So excited for you three! The living situation decision is such a big one, and it's hard to know what's "right," but it sounds like y'all have made the best decision! I am sure you make any place you're living look just gorgeous. I can't wait to follow along in the transition and see how you style your new space. xo

  2. If you are looking for a new house and still on the fence about renting or owning, do everything you can to buy that house. I did some paperwork last week and realized we gave our landlord $144,000 in 12 years. I could have paid a quarter of my current mortgage and had serious equity if I just chose buying instead of renting.

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate