Friday, June 5, 2015

blogging rut.

Blogging. I suck at being a “blogger”. Sometimes I don’t even know if I can classify myself as that because I’m that bad! I really want to be better but sometimes I just don’t know what to write about! It’s been more difficult as my followers have grown, I wonder if all of these people really care about my day to day life? I really am no one exciting! I don’t live an extravagant life in some extravagant house with genius DIY crafts. But I really do miss blogging about my everyday life! The past 9 months of my life has been CRAZY and I wish I had more of it written down!

I guess I’ve also dramatically scaled back with how much I’m blogging because putting myself out there and opening up my life also opens up the opportunity for haters to judge. And I totally know that no matter what I say, all 19,000 of my followers are NOT going to all agree or like what I say! I know that, I just wish I were more okay with that! I find myself really hiding myself or comments I have to myself in fear someone might take it the wrong way! And being a mom too opens a whole can of judgment opportunity in itself! And no one likes to be judged or have people not like them!

So anyways I guess my question to you guys is; what do YOU like to read on my blog? Product reviews? (of course I would always stay 100% truthful). Day to day life? Outfit posts? (these would be more baby outfit posts cause lets face it, I have like 5 outfits that I rotate through #momlife) tell me tell me! Do people even read blogs anymore? Or is it all just Instagram?


  1. I have honestly missed your blogging! I remember reading your blog while you were pregnant and just lusting after the moment that I could share the same thing :) I loved and still do love reading about your day to day life. Don't be afraid to share- at least I won't be judging or hatin :) Thanks for your posts- can't wait to read more- no matter what it is!!

  2. I think your everyday life would be awesome to blog about! something I like best is when people keep it real on their blogs and they just talk about things they like or do! I love a good outfit post, too. and let's face it, outfit posts are pretty fun to do, too :) I think whatever you want to do, you should do! I try to blog for myself vs blogging for people but then there's that side of me that wants people to enjoy my blog and I want to keep my readers entertained. so it's just a matter of finding balance. whatever you do, keep blogging! I really enjoy your blog :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Just write about your life!!! First off, I think that kind of a family journal will be something your family will CHERISH down the road. Second, the blogs I tend to enjoy reading are the ones where they are simply just blogging about their lives and everyday adventures. Just be you! You are so lovable.

  4. I LOVE reading blog posts! I would love to read about every day-to-day life. I have a little 8 month old too (well, almost 9 months!) and it's really comforting to hear what other's are going through and interesting to see what other's are doing with their littlies.

    Instagram is great, but often only provides a "snapshot" of life. I think you should just post whatever you want :) and I know it's easier said than done, but try to not let "haters" get to you. Motherhood is wonderful and beautiful, but as you said, unfortunately is one of those things that people are never going to always agree on. Every mother is just trying to do their best and often feel as though they are right - for example, we bedshare, do baby led weaning, don't sleep train, do extended rear-facing...there are TONNES of people who have disagreed with everything that I've mentioned but I've learnt to let it go and repeat to myself, "all babies are different."

    Product reviews and outfit posts sounds lovely too. Looking forward to your posts again!