Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Making it home

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Well we're all moved in to our new place!! Besides little decor pieces here and there we are DONE. And let me tell feels GOOD. If feels like longer than just 6 months since we have had our own place. So many things are so much easier and more comfortable. Especially with Milan. I don't have to worry if she cries too early in the morning that she is going to wake someone up, or if I wanna leave her toys spread out in the living room-I can! If I don't feel like doing the dishes that day...who cares! I don't have to put clothes on until 12...that's my favorite part. Having friends over is way easier/less awkward too! Just all around, we are loving it! Our apartment isn't perfect, and neither is our complex (ehhmmm like the AC going out 3 times already) but who cares! Okay I care about the AC but that's fixable! Our neighbors are all pretty quiet and respectful which is the biggest thing while living in apartments! I'm going to do a blog post just like I did with our last apartment and do a little tour! Think it will be cool for my kids (and me and Michael) to be able to look back and see where we lived cause you know...memories fade and pictures stay:) so stay tuned for that! It will be kinda similar to our last place because we still have most of the same furniture and decor but its a new place which makes it all look new:) I hope everyone is having a good summer so far and either enjoying the heat-or staying out of it if you're in AZ;) we are staying super super busy with lots of family visiting and work!

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