Tuesday, August 25, 2015

my TWO babies!!!

I'm soon going to have 2, TWO babies!! I'm so so so excited to be expecting again!!

My due date is March 17th (this baby is already a lucky one...that's st. patties day if you didn't know;)) so I am 10 weeks 5 days today!! I announced a little earlier than last time for a few reasons! 1. I lived across the country last time and it was way easier to hide it!
2. I was a crazy nervous first time mom
3. I've already had two ultrasounds this time so I felt really safe!
4. I'm too dang excited and just want to talk about it with everyone!!!!

I found out beginning of July! A little back story!

June 8th I was shopping with some girlfriends and I could hardly concentrate I was cramping so bad! I shouldn't have been starting my period and even if I was, I hardly ever cramp, let alone get cramps that make me want to curl up and cry! I went home and just could not move! My one friend kept asking if I could be pregnant, I said no way! Even though we had secretly been trying! So the next morning just to rule it out I took a pregnancy test! Immediately an obvious positive!! I was so so so stunned! I sent the picture to my friend and she insisted she came over and brought some more pregnancy tests! The super expensive ones that don't lie;) Again super positive super fast! Ahhhh! I was so excited but so taken back by this!
I made my first prenatal appointment for the following week because I really had no idea how far along I could be thanks to nursing! So everything was normal and I go to my appointment on Tuesday, they took my urine and I sat and waited in the room, super excited to see the doctor! Couldn't believe I was doing this all over again! The doctor came in and told me my urine came back negative. Hearing that word come out of her mouth was like a knife. I was so confused! She suggested they take my blood levels to get a more accurate result and they would call within 48 hours. I was still so confused. I left not knowing if I was pregnant or not. 48 hours late I got a call that my levels came back in fact PREGNANT but super super low. She suggested that it was probably a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy and she wanted to retest to make sure my levels were going down instead of up. Sure enough they went down. At this point I never got any for sure answers but my doctor guesses that the night I had horrible cramping and a tiny spotting was me miscarrying, and because I tested the next morning my levels were still high enough for my home pregnancy test to pick up! Ugh it was so hard! I never thought I would be the one to have miscarriage, and so many thoughts ran through my head! What if Milan will be my only child, what if I can't carry my own again? I was being so over dramatic but it was a hard pill for me to swallow.

Well fast forward a month I still hadn't got my period back. I figured it was just weird hormone stuff from the miscarriage and kept waiting. And waiting. Finally I decided to test with no high hopes...but got a positive!! I was so excited! And kept thinking if I really am pregnant how blessed I am that it came so fast! It was hard to get super excited this time with the memories of last time being so fresh! My first appointment wasn't until almost 10 weeks and I was just a huge worry wart!! Our insurance was in the process of going from military insurance to regular insurance and didn't start until August 15th so I didn't even have a choice of going in earlier! I ended up paying for an elective ultrasound just to reassure myself that there really was a baby in there! I was 7 weeks! I went to one of those non medical places so they couldn't tell me much information like the heartbeat or what I was measuring! But the tech basically said she couldn't say yes or no but there's a good chance that there were twins!! I was really early so she kept saying she can't get a good angle! WHAT!!! Imagine being told you maybe or maybe not be having twins! I was nervous for 2 under 2...3 under 2 would be a whole different world.

My next ultrasound wasn't until August 18th! So I spent 2 weeks possibly thinking about twins! Michael was much more convinced that I was...it just didn't feel real! I couldn't be having twins that's just impossible!!

August 18th came and I was a giddy mess all day!!! 2:00 was soooo far away!! I switched Ob's after not loving the ones that handled my miscarriage, and I LOVE my new doctor! He was so nice and very friendly! I got the official ultrasound and baby was moving around so so so much! I couldn't believe it! At just 9 weeks had obviously arms and legs and a strong beating heart! How amazing is that?? Ahh I will never get over what a miracle babies and pregnancy are!! I got my official due date and was awarded a perfectly healthy pregnancy! Basically what the other tech saw that she thought was a twin was an extra sac that just had fluid in it and my OB said it will just get absorbed as baby gets bigger!

So here we are now and we get more excited every day! It will for sure be a challenge to have 2 under 2 but I know that Milan is going to be the best big sister and I can not WAIT to give her a sibling!!

Just about every symptom in the book is polar opposite than it was with Milan, I feel great this time!! With Milan I literally didn't get out of bed for the first 15 weeks!! It was so hard! I  Crave different things this time and have horrible acne which I never got with Milan! So at this point I would be shocked if they told me this baby is a girl cause everything in me says it's a boy but really only time will tell! It's weird, with Milan I secretly really really wanted a girl! With this one I would be so so excited for either!!! I'm just excited to find out!!!

Thank you all so much for all the congratulations and well wishes!! They mean the world! Can't wait to share the rest of my pregnancy journey with you!!!



  1. All of your symptoms describe my last pregnancy and I had a boy!! I felt great and my skin was terrible for the first little while!! Congrats!

  2. That is soooo exciting! When I saw this post pop up in my blog roll feed I immediately clicked it because i am so happy for you guys! I can't wait to see if baby is a boy or girl, only like 6-7 more weeks till you find out right? Congrats!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Congratulations (again)! :) I really, really was waiting for this to happen haha. I can't wait to read all the updates! So, so super happy for you and your little family!

  4. Squeeeee! Congratulations lovely!! I'm so so excited for your family, I keep showing my husband your insta and telling him that since you're expecting baby number 2, we need to get on baby number 1!!! Anyways, so excited to follow your journey Whitney! :)

  5. Definitely a boy this time.... my exact symptoms with Grayson. I never got sick but I had bad acne! I am so excited for you guys!! Even though it will probably be like a year from now, I CAN'T WAIT to have another one!!!

  6. I don't know how I stumbled upon your IG and then this blog post, but I so needed it! I have my blood tests tomorrow to see if my levels are going up or down, since they were very low yesterday. So crazy to be reading your words today just when I needed something!

  7. I don't know how I stumbled upon your IG and then this blog post, but I so needed it! I have my blood tests tomorrow to see if my levels are going up or down, since they were very low yesterday. So crazy to be reading your words today just when I needed something!