Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FIRST birthday party!!

Leading up to this party I was just so stressed! I felt unprepared and behind in planning! We had launched our company a week before, Michael quit his job and got a new one last minute, family in town and just all around crazy busy this party got pushed to the back burner! Even worse it was originally supposed to be on the 12th, but Michael had a last minute business trip come up that weekend and the next! Luckily that coming monday was labor day so everyone would be off work! Saturday I decided to change it! Ahhhh I had nothing ready! That past weekend I was pretty much running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything ready! We just invited a small amount of family and a few friends but for some reason in my head I pictured 100 guests! I went a bit overboard on treats but I'd rather go over than under!

The party itself was perfect! Short, casual, and relaxed. Full of visiting and laughing at Milan shoving her face full of cake!

Our theme was polkadots/sprinkles! Just lots of color! Because this girl puts the color inside of our world:) haha get it?

Now I've done a lot of "photoshoots" (I use that term extremely lightly) with Milan in her short one year of life and trying to take her one year pictures might just take the cake for the most challenging. I would take newborn pics over and over again. This girl DOES NOT  sit still! 99% of the pictures were blurred or had me in them putting her back in the right place. The other 1% is her crying cause she's mad at me for holding her back...she was just not having it! Oh well, you win some you lose some....memories right? I wish I felt that way in the moment! We will try again in a couple weeks! I was donzoooo with pictures! 

She was fascinated when everyone was singing to her!

She kept saying "oooooh" to her cake!

She kept trying to share her cake with papa!

again trying to share her cake! 

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