Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Holidays get 10x more fun with littles around! Even though we aren't taking Milan trick or treating this year (we're out of town and hello late bedtime? no happy baby) we still went to our church's trunk or treat! If you don't know what that is its when people line up their cars in a parking lot and hand out candy out of the trunks! Super fun and a lot less walking than trick or treating!! 
sorry super bad quality! I can't find the original picture so this is off Facebook!
I originally wanted to be fox's last year for halloween but with  6 week old baby...time was not my friend and I never got around to getting our costumes together! We threw together a super easy LumberJack Costume with stuff we already had! It was so funny to see teeny Milan dressed as a boy with a beard painted on! She got called a boy many times that night:)

This year I put a little bit more time so we could be fox's!! Not a ton of hassle, mostly just searching for the pieces, and I made the ears...which took like 30 minutes! All in all I'm so pleased with how they turned out!! 

socks: etsy
her dress: carters
my shirt: asos
her vest: old navy
my vest: walmart
her shoes: gymboree


  1. These are absolutely the cutest costumes! Great job!

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