Monday, November 9, 2015

It's a GIRL! 21 weeks

SO this is a little late to my blog but.....we're having another GIRL!!! 

And yes we are shocked ( this pregnancy just seemed so different) but goodness gracious are we dang excited!!! I mean sisters...really? Kill me I'm so excited! 

Michael has been saying since we got married that we are going to have all girls! I was so ready to prove him wrong cause I had such a strong feeling this bean was a boy...but he is right, yet again! She is growing perfectly, kicks and moves all day long, and has three super excited family members waiting to meet her!

And since I'm already 21 weeks I thought it was about time to do a bump date! whoops!!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: banana! at our ultrasound last week she was weighing in at 12 oz!! 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: oh heavens yes. With Milan I really got away with hardly anything maternity, I was pregnant over the summer so I just lived in dresses and leggings! This time some jeans were a necessity! I got some expensive gap ones cause I hear the most rave about those, but honestly I wasn't a fan! I got some h&m ones on clearance and I wear them at least every other day! Heres a link...I love them!! And $14?? Can't beat that! 

MOVEMENT: oh yes! she's getting so strong I love it! You can totally watch her from the outside now! I first started feeling her around 12 weeks! Yes so early!! I was surprised but no mistaking it! Michael felt her at 16 weeks! She kicks all day long, especially at night!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Definitely our at anomy ultrasound! Michael missed it with Milan cause my doctor really didn't tell me about it before hand I just thought it was another normal appointment, so it was really special and cool to have him there! Modern medicine amazes me! Being able to see all her heart chambers? That's unreal!! I just love ultrasounds and I fall more in love every time!! 

MISS ANYTHING: having energy. Man keeping up with a 13 month old when your body is begging you to just lay in bed all day and watch movies is rough!!! 

FOOD CRAVINGS: oreo milkshakes! 

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: exact same food aversion as Milan, Pizza and meat...blehhh no thank you! which is so weird cause normally I'm all about that pizza life!

WEIGHT GAIN: who knows. you know I think one of my favorite parts about being pregnant this time around is how little I care or am worried about weight gain. I'm embracing it, yeah I'm gonna get love handles, yeah my thighs are going to triple in size, and my face is going to blow up....but you know what? It's temporary and it's for a freaking amazing cause! She's worth feeling like a fat toad for a few months:)

STRETCH MARKS: no new ones! Using coconut oil daily again! 

HAPPY OR MOODY: I've been way more moody this second time around! and I think a lot of it has to do with being so tired all the time but not being able to rest/sleep! I'm a lady who likes her sleep-I need it to function like my normal (nice) self! 

SYMPTOMS: my migraines are back with this pregnancy! I was put on the same medication as I was on with Milan but I think it's different milligrams or something cause it doesn't work as well..
pure exhaustion.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting into our new house and getting started
 on putting together this baby girls nursery!! Let the nesting begin!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Baby Shower 2.0

I was thrown the sweetest, most perfect baby shower by my best friends! 

As sad and kinda petty as it is, I never got to experience a real shower with Milan's pregnancy and it has always been kinda something I felt a little jipped out of! We just lived so far from all family and friends we had gifts sent to us but no party! I was so excited to be pregnant this time around while we lived in Arizona!! And then what do you threw us a curveball and we are moving to Virginia! My friend was the sweetest and threw together a little early shower before I move and it meant the world to me!!! Some people have strong opinions on you can only have a baby shower for your first, or if theres a big gap, or if it's a separate gender....well we fit none of those qualifications and we still did one! Personally I think every single baby/life is worth celebrating! And who doesn't love girl time?! 

This shower wasn't about the gifts even in the teensiest bit! (Even though we got some of the cutest things!!!) We do pretty much have everything we need to raise another little girl! This shower was much more about getting together with my girlfriends, chatting, eating, and just having a good time talking and gushing over this new baby girl growing in my belly! We had so much fun! 
banner: littledovie

pink paper flowers: artequeen cake topper: littledovie

a stranger took this photo thats why its so awful haha but its the only group shot!

These pictures just crack me up! Milan was so much more interested in these presents than the ones at her own birthday party! She thought this was all for her and her face light up with each new gift! Especially the clothes! She's such a girl!