Saturday, November 7, 2015

Baby Shower 2.0

I was thrown the sweetest, most perfect baby shower by my best friends! 

As sad and kinda petty as it is, I never got to experience a real shower with Milan's pregnancy and it has always been kinda something I felt a little jipped out of! We just lived so far from all family and friends we had gifts sent to us but no party! I was so excited to be pregnant this time around while we lived in Arizona!! And then what do you threw us a curveball and we are moving to Virginia! My friend was the sweetest and threw together a little early shower before I move and it meant the world to me!!! Some people have strong opinions on you can only have a baby shower for your first, or if theres a big gap, or if it's a separate gender....well we fit none of those qualifications and we still did one! Personally I think every single baby/life is worth celebrating! And who doesn't love girl time?! 

This shower wasn't about the gifts even in the teensiest bit! (Even though we got some of the cutest things!!!) We do pretty much have everything we need to raise another little girl! This shower was much more about getting together with my girlfriends, chatting, eating, and just having a good time talking and gushing over this new baby girl growing in my belly! We had so much fun! 
banner: littledovie

pink paper flowers: artequeen cake topper: littledovie

a stranger took this photo thats why its so awful haha but its the only group shot!

These pictures just crack me up! Milan was so much more interested in these presents than the ones at her own birthday party! She thought this was all for her and her face light up with each new gift! Especially the clothes! She's such a girl!


  1. So sweet! There's a picture above of you with someone else but you and Milan look exactly alike there. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! These baby shower party pictures are way too cute. I am in love with these pictures with your baby. Thanks for this great share! My sister’s baby shower has also been organized last month at a garden event space nyc and it was so enjoyable for all of us!!