Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Moving into our HOME

Guys!! We have a HOME! OUR home!! ahhhhh! It is so amazing to be able to say that! 

So in case you guys weren’t aware, buying a home is SO stressful! Ugh I felt like I was on a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs and twists and turns for two months straight! Especially right in the beginning and right at the end! 

A little backstory on our move to Virginia! In July Michael was working construction, the days were long, started early, the work was hard, and the heat made it worse. The money was good but we both knew that it wasn’t what he should be doing for an extended amount of time. 

An opportunity came out for a job where he travels on the weekend for a company based out of richmond va (hint- its my dad’s company). He would travel to various locations every weekend and attend the shows that they host (my dad is a hot tub manufacture for those of you who don’t know) and Michael would kind of supervise the show and sell the hot tubs as well! It seemed like a really good fit and the timing was perfect! It had benefits which we had just recently lost our healthcare coverage from the army (it lasts for 6 months after exit date) and holy crap healthcare is NOT cheap! So that was the plan! We actually sold our lease at our apartment and put a deposit on a new 3 bedroom place in Chandler, AZ just a little ways from where we already were! 

The end of September my younger brother got married so I flew out to Virginia for that! Also we couldn’t get into our new place until November 1st and our apartment lease was already sold so I figured I would just stay in VA and visit with family for the month and Michael just came to my parents house in between his shows on the weekends! 

Somewhere between end of september and middle of october, we decided we were going to move to Virginia. It was crazy how fast it happened and definitely felt like it came out of nowhere-but also felt so right. This last year has been one of the hardest, we had a big transition from military life back to civilian aka normal life. Also our whole 5, 10 year plan changed when Michael finally accepted that becoming a PA wasn’t what he wanted for his future, which left us back at square one. 

I started to look at houses for rent and to buy, buying just seemed like the best option for us! We had been thinking about it for some time and decided now was a good time to take the plunge! If you’re not familiar with the east coast or older houses, garages, and multiple bathrooms are kinda a needle in a haystack! A garage was a must because we wanted to be able to run The Native Oak from home and the machine that does it is huge and really loud. After lots of showing I started to get discouraged that we weren’t going to find the perfect home in our budget. And then we did. It’s perfect. Perfect for us. I can’t wait to show you guys all of the insides! We are doing some small renovations to the bathroom and kitchen, lots of painting and then I’ll take some pictures ( but if you have a twitter follow me for some sneak peeks @_whitneyfox)! We have .7 acres of the prettiest land,three huge mature trees, a porch, the perfect detached garage, and 3 bedrooms! The one bedroom is huge! Basically two combined-with the cutest vaulted ceilings! As soon as I saw this room I KNEW my girls would make the best memories in it! It was their room I could just feel it! So eventually they will share, for now it’s just Milan’s room, but I’m thinking around 10-12 months (whenever she starts consistency sleeping through the night) I’ll move the baby up there and turn the nursery into our guest bedroom!  

The moving process has been going so good! Every day we make more and more progress! We truly feel so blessed to be here. 

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  1. How exciting! Your house looks SO beautiful, it must be so nice to be settled in one place and know that you won't be moving again anytime soon. We are currently renting with a 14mo and a baby on the way in June...wish we could afford to purchase but the average housing prices where we live is currently sitting at a crazy $918,000 (so around $620,000 USD!)

    Looking forward to seeing your new place all done up - you have the best taste in decor!