Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Nursery!

So remember how I posted about phoebe's nursery right before she was born? Ya me too....and then I had to take down that nursery:( We originally had Milan in the upstairs room which is kind of like a loft room and it has stairs in it, but once we moved her to a toddler bed, that room was just not working for her! The stairs have a sharp turn and when she was crying and it was dark, she fell down them a few times! So we decided to switch the girls rooms and it has been so much better for both of them! The upstairs room stays really warm and quiet so it's perfect for phoebe! It's also the only room in our house that has carpet so it's perfect for phoebe to just roll around and explore in!

The only downside to switching their rooms was that all of phoebe's decor from her tiny room downstairs just didn't fill her new, much larger, room! Nothing looked right in this room and I was left just not liking that room, which made me sad cause I loved it so much when it was downstairs! The loft is one of the things that sold me on this house! When walking through the house I immediately pictured a big floral accent wall and two twin beds for my girls! We plan to move the girls to share a room once phoebe gets a bit older and we switch her to a toddler bed! I pictured my girls playing dolls and reading books in this room.

So I decided to bring that floral wall dream to life! I originally wanted wallpaper, but any of the ones I was finding were extremely out of my budget! Plus thinking about resell I didn't want potential buyers to be turned off because of wallpaper that would have to be taken down! If this was our forever home I might have thought more into wallpaper, but for now it wasn't realistic! I looked into painting stencil flowers on the wall, but couldn't find any that I loved! That's when I came across these vinyl stickers by Urban Walls and knew it was perfect! They honestly transformed the whole room and now I find myself only wanting to hang out in that room because it's so pretty! They were incredibly easy to put up and we were done within 30 minutes!

Stickers: Urban Walls Crib: Ikea, Rocking chair: Ikea, Pillows: Target, Dresser: Ikea, Toy bin shelf: Ikea, Rug: Home Depot, Bloom where you are planted print:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Viva la Vida

Oh hey guys! Remember that I have a blog?? It's been awhile! But for all good reasons, life has been so busy but in the best way! We recently got back from Cannes, France and it was a total dream!!

Michael lived in Ukraine for 2 years when he was 21 and met some lifelong friends there, he has been wanting to go back and visit them for a long time so when they extended the invite to us to come and celebrate their anniversary in Cannes of course we jumped on it! They planned everything so we were kind of going in blind which made things even more fun! Our apartment that we rented was literally 50 feet from the beach so it made trekking there with the kids a breeze and the view was beautiful!! Our apartment building was called Palais de la Plage for those of you that were asking after I snapped it! It was literally my dream apartment, everything about it was perfect, all white- marble everywhere, modern, gold accents! Really it was so cute!

We spent our days on the beach, eating the incredible food, exploring the pretty buildings, and soaking up all the family time we could get! If you were to ask me my favorite part my answer would be the food in a heartbeat. Oh my gosh the food you guys!! So much better than I could have imagined! You always hear about the French croissants, but they are literally like candy. Mmm i miss them!