Thursday, January 7, 2016



  • We moved back home to Arizona from North Carolina! 
  • Michael had his last official day in the army before being medically discharged!
  • Milan got to meet so many of her fox cousins and become best friends!
  • We went to california and had Milan's first real vacation! 


  • Milan tried solids for the first time-sweet potatoes and bananas were her favorite!
  • We visited Virginia for my sister to have her baby! My second nephew!
  • Uncle Tyson came to visit us!
  • We enjoyed the nice spring AZ weather with lots of park dates!
  • We celebrated our first valentines with our little love


  • We visited California again! 
  • Milan was really sick for most of this month-hence the sad sickie pictures:(
  • First ponytail happened!!
  • Milan took a bottle for the first time ever!!! Life changing.


  • We celebrated our first easter with a sick mommy and sick baby, daddy stepped in and was an amazing easter bunny!
  • Got over sickness
  • Found my love for breastfeeding again.


  • Milan learned how to crawl!
  • Celebrated mother's day-I was totally spoiled!
  • My mom flew out and watched Milan for 8 days!
  • Me and Michael finally got our honeymoon in AMAZING Belize, we miss and talk about it daily! We can't wait to go back some day! 


  • After living with the in-laws we FINALLY got our own place-a little apartment!
  • After having to sadly re-home Mogley while living with the in-laws, I surprised Michael with Franny for fathers day! Turns out he really didn't want another dog, he wanted Mogley back:( So Franny was re-homed to a friend!
  • Lots of Fox cousins were visiting for the summer, we spent a lot of time in the pool!
  • I found out I was pregnant! Shortly after I miscarried:(


  • We went to california with a group of friends to celebrate the 4th of july!
  • Milan started walking!
  • I found out I was pregnant! And I stayed pregnant this time!


  • After 8 long months of it being in the works, we opened The Native Oak! It was a huge leap of faith and we have learned so much!
  • We traveled to Utah for a family reunion!
  • We announced that we were pregnant!


  • Our precious baby girl turned ONE!! We "sprinkled" her with love! 
  • We found out we were having another sweet GIRL!!!
  • We traveled to virginia for my brothers wedding! I gained a new sister and new nephew!


  • We decided we were staying in Virginia for good! 
  • Looked through so many houses while searching for the perfect one!
  • Found the perfect house!! Made an offer and waited!
  • We got the house!
  • Visited some pumpkin patches!
  • Dressed up as Fox's for halloween!! 


  • Waited and waited to move into our new home!
  • Moved in the day before thanksgiving!! 
  • Celebrated thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for!!
  • Milan practiced being a big sister with her babies! 


  • Finished moving in and unpacking boxes!
  • Painted ALOT.
  • Started our Kitchen Remodel
  • Decorated for christmas for the first time!
  • Watched Milan open all of her presents!
  • Enjoy every bit of our new home! Our favorite is the backyard!

It has been a year full of transition and change! Lots and lots of change! I'm hoping 2016 is a little bit more relaxed and filled with more growth and blooming! We are so thankful for 2015 and all that happened!! But super excited to see what 2016 brings!! 


  1. Congratulations on the most beautiful year, I'm praying you have an even better 2016! I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage, you are such a strong woman!

    Love reading your posts, Whitney! Can't wait to see where this year takes you and your beautiful family.


  2. Fun, fun year for you guys (minus the miscarriage). Love how you document everything, it's fun to look back at.

  3. Such a great year for your growing family. I love all your pictures, they're always so pretty!

  4. I always see your instagram and finally checked out your blog! You take the cutest pictures.. Your little girl is adorbale