Thursday, January 7, 2016

30 week ultrasound

To me ultrasounds are the most exciting part about pregnancy! They are amazing!! I know they freak some people out, but I just really do not understand, I get like teary eyed looking at ultrasounds! How special that we can see these little babies grow while in our womb?! Technology these days man... This ultrasound was a christmas present from my mom! The gift that keeps on giving! I had it done at a private place-some people have asked me if just my doctor does and most don't! My doctors office has the machine to do one, but you still have to pay because it's considered elective and insurance doesn't cover it! 

It's kind of long and ignore the cheesy music ( I didn't get to pick that out haha) but I will treasure this video forever!! We get to see her give us some little smirks, open her eyes for us, and snuggle and stretch away! We are in the homestretch now and that is just crazy to me! Hopefully we can think of a name (yes we changed our mind on the one we had "set"), get the nursery set up, and get mentally ready for 2 under 2 in the meantime!! 

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