Sunday, January 31, 2016


BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Honey Dew Melon! Roughly 4-5 pounds and 19 inches long! She's pretty much done growing in height and now is just working on packing on the yummy chub!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I think it's fair to skip this question. Haha just kidding...big fat yes! My magic h&m maternity jeans unfortunately have reached the end of their life this pregnancy! I tend to gain all my pregnancy weight in my legs/butt so they are much to small now but it is pointless to buy the next size up for just a few I have been living in my Blanqi leggings which might I add are a dream come true. 

MOVEMENT: Yes yes yes! As she gets bigger they get more and more uncomfortable...she likes to stretch her legs out just like Milan did so its often I have a giant lump sticking out my left side thats a foot! It's really interesting though that already I can tell a difference in personalities when comparing movement of Milan and movement of this baby in the womb. Milan's movements were always really quick, sharp, and ninja like. She truly never stopped or slowed down-I'm pretty sure she was having a constant dance party with dubstep music. This baby moves a lot...but her movements are a lot calmer and slower. Almost like she's just really relaxed and swimming with some nature music in the background. Haha does this all sound so weird? Probably but thats the best way I know how to describe it! Milan's womb movements were identical to how she was outside of the womb-never stopped, and always wanted to be part of the action. She was never a sleepy calm newborn. So I am really really curious to see if this girls personality is similar to her womb movements! 

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I started packing the hospital bag this week! That was super exciting! I'm so looking forward to our time in the hospital soaking up our new girl!  

MISS ANYTHING: Sleep! My heartburn keeps me awake a lot at night:( Also being able to get down on the floor and play with Milan without being in pain! 

FOOD CRAVINGS: Everything with over 1000 calories. Mostly olive garden, panera, salt and vinegar chips, symphony chocolate bars. I'm suuuuppppperrrr healthy you guys.  

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Not really! Just if I go too long without eating! Oh and I really don't want any brown meat...same thing happened with Milan's pregnancy. 

WEIGHT GAIN: Couldn't tell ya! I'm letting my body do what it needs to do to grow this baby! 

STRETCH MARKS: no new ones! Using coconut oil daily again! But my stomach is really starting to itch a lot which it never did with Milan so I wonder if they are near.

HAPPY OR MOODY: Pretty happy! I'm getting super excited for how close we are! 

SYMPTOMS: Heartburn from hell.
Lower back pain.
Rib pain.
Just all around exhaustion. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: We are going to Utah this week to visit all my mom's side of the family! I'm doing my maternity pictures while I'm there so I'm super excited about those!! 

GUYS!!! We are so close!! Once I get back from Utah its the ONE month countdown! Can you believe that? I can't! I think it's finally starting to hit me! My biggest mistake with Milan was being ready way too early so it made the end drag on (even more than it already does) so this time I purposefully kept a lot of things off until the end to keep me busy! I really think I'll go to my due date or a little past this time! I was induced with Milan and 39 week 5 days and I refuse to be induced before 41.5 weeks this time! Refuse! Especially since I know I'll be going natural this time I don't want to be doing it with Pitocin in my system again! 

The nursery is slowly starting to come together! The crib is up, the mattress is ordered! Once I get back from utah we need to make another trip to ikea to get a dresser and rocking chair and then its done! Ikea is 2 hours away so as if it wasn't a day trip anyways the drive takes forever! I'm so excited to be getting a rocker this time! It's something I never got with Milan but wished I had so often...rocking her to sleep was and still is my FAVORITE thing to do. I can already tell how fast this chapter in my life that I can rock my babies to sleep is going to go so I'm going to rock them until they don't let me rock them! Babies are only babies for so long! 

And most exciting of all...we have a name! This is the third name we've "settled" on but this is it I can tell. We came up with it the exact way we came up with Milan's so that has to mean something right? I've had this name tucked away for years and I've loved it! I've brought it up to Michael a couple times and he was never super pumped about it so I dropped it no biggie....well a few weeks ago at church HE brought it up to me and asked what I thought of it! I laughed and said I love it, I've asked you about it! Moral of the story you have to let the men think they thought of it but if you drop enough hints and maybe whisper it in their ears at night you can get your way;) totally kidding hahaha! We won't be sharing the name until after she's born though! I begged Michael to share Milan's name early and got my way last pregnancy, but decided to let him get his way this time! 

Overall, we're getting really excited! I was really nervous for 2 under 2 but I've decided to just set my expectations super super low and take all the help from my mom as possible! I know all of the hard days end soon enough! Man the mentality and mind set of your second child versus your first is SO different! At least for me! I trust myself a lot more, I know how fast it all goes, I know the power of help, and I know all baby's need is love, milk, and sleep! Easy enough right? haha (ask me in 2 months if I have the same thought!!)

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  1. oh my gosh. I have the worst lower back pain and I'm only 24 weeks! Do you think the Blanqi leggings help? have you tried a support belt? can't believe you are sooooo close! So exciting!