Monday, February 22, 2016


BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A baby:) she's estimated to weigh 6 pounds but I'm guessing she's a little smaller than that! 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Um duh. Maternity leggings and sweats all day.

MOVEMENT: oh yeah! a little too much lately:) not really but my ribs sure are taking a beating  

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Finding out that I was dilated!! I wasn't expecting that AT ALL! I was checked at 35 weeks and was still completely closed up and not at all softened. I was expecting the exact same at my 36 week. I hadn't really felt much change in that week and I had just been taking it easy. I was pleasantly surprised that in that one week, I went from not even starting to soften or 3cm and 75% effaced! Here's my bump date from Milan at this outlook was soo different! I was trying everything to get labor moving...and it did nothing for me! This time I'm taking advantage of these last few weeks with just Milan and letting nature do its thing. She'll come when she comes! 

MISS ANYTHING: Just my body hurts no matter what I do or what position I'm in.  

FOOD CRAVINGS: Ice Ice and more Ice. Nothing else really specific!   

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Just if I go too long without eating or drinking! 

WEIGHT GAIN: I don't really know for sure but I think it's somewhere around 30 pounds! 

STRETCH MARKS: A couple new ones have sprouted! I guess I wasn't as lucky to go without them this time around! I really think it's cause I was so much better at staying hydrated last pregnancy and lathering myself if coconut oil! 

HAPPY OR MOODY: Pretty happy! I'm feeling excited for what's to come! 

SYMPTOMS: Pain everywhere...but main spots are my upper back, lower back, and ribs! 
Heartburn of course.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting our sweet new daughter! It really could be anytime now!!! We already love her so much!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Maternity Pictures Round 2

We are so close to meeting this sweet girl and my heart is getting ready! It's also starting to feel a bit guilty about how Milan will do...I know she will love baby sis, but I hope she still feels all my love!

Monday, February 1, 2016




 Partially Done

Mostly Done!!! 

We still would love to eventually change our sink/faucet out and I'm currently trying to find the perfect pendant light for above the window! I want to add some bamboo shades on the window and get rid of the ugly cheap blinds! But for now its DONE! And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Exceeded my vision!! 

Some brief info: we redid the cabinets with Rust-oleum's Cabinet transformation and highly recommend it! We did our whole kitchen for $75! Painting the cabinets was honestly torture! Not really because it was hard but because it took up my whole house! I originally planned on doing them in the garage but it was way too cold! So my whole living room, playroom, kitchen, and spare bedroom turned into cabinet painting stations! Um add a toddler in the mix? I couldn't get them paint fast enough! Total time was 4 days because the drying times in between coats! I love the finish it gave the cabinets, they don't look painted at all! 

The countertops are from Ikea! We originally weren't planning on replacing the countertops but once we painted the cabinets and walls it made the countertops look much more tan...which if you look at my house you can tell I'm not a fan of earthy tan colors! So because it was unexpected we tried to stay super budget friendly! We added countertops to our kitchen and laundry room (pics coming soon) for a total of $120! Can't beat that right?? So worth it! 

The subway tile really was the cherry on top! It made the biggest difference in my eyes! Good cause it was by far the most expensive! It wouldn't have been bad if we didn't pay someone to come and do it and had done it by ourselves like planned...but we really wanted it done before baby comes and Michael's job has been keeping him super busy so we paid someone to install it! What do you guys think...I think I wanna add more above the sink window? Take it up to the ceiling? 

Overall costs:
cabinet paint: $75
Countertops: $120
Subway tile material: $90
Subway tile install: $300
Total kitchen remodel: $585

Changing the kitchen totally changed the feel of our whole house! I am in love!!! And so relieved that it is done!