Monday, February 1, 2016




 Partially Done

Mostly Done!!! 

We still would love to eventually change our sink/faucet out and I'm currently trying to find the perfect pendant light for above the window! I want to add some bamboo shades on the window and get rid of the ugly cheap blinds! But for now its DONE! And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Exceeded my vision!! 

Some brief info: we redid the cabinets with Rust-oleum's Cabinet transformation and highly recommend it! We did our whole kitchen for $75! Painting the cabinets was honestly torture! Not really because it was hard but because it took up my whole house! I originally planned on doing them in the garage but it was way too cold! So my whole living room, playroom, kitchen, and spare bedroom turned into cabinet painting stations! Um add a toddler in the mix? I couldn't get them paint fast enough! Total time was 4 days because the drying times in between coats! I love the finish it gave the cabinets, they don't look painted at all! 

The countertops are from Ikea! We originally weren't planning on replacing the countertops but once we painted the cabinets and walls it made the countertops look much more tan...which if you look at my house you can tell I'm not a fan of earthy tan colors! So because it was unexpected we tried to stay super budget friendly! We added countertops to our kitchen and laundry room (pics coming soon) for a total of $120! Can't beat that right?? So worth it! 

The subway tile really was the cherry on top! It made the biggest difference in my eyes! Good cause it was by far the most expensive! It wouldn't have been bad if we didn't pay someone to come and do it and had done it by ourselves like planned...but we really wanted it done before baby comes and Michael's job has been keeping him super busy so we paid someone to install it! What do you guys think...I think I wanna add more above the sink window? Take it up to the ceiling? 

Overall costs:
cabinet paint: $75
Countertops: $120
Subway tile material: $90
Subway tile install: $300
Total kitchen remodel: $585

Changing the kitchen totally changed the feel of our whole house! I am in love!!! And so relieved that it is done! 


  1. Looks so great! Something that will rock it even further is to hire someone to do crown molding at the very top to close the gap between the ceiling ... It's my favorite part of our white kitchen! I love your blog and your home is so perfect!

  2. It looks amazing!!! What color grout did you use? I plan on doing white subway tile and a dark gray grout as well. But maybe doing a herringbone design for the backsplash? Thoughts? I want to do something different with it in the kitchen since the white til & dark grout is going in all the bathrooms as well. Or should I do a herringbone in emmas bathroom?

  3. Good call on changing the countertops. Looks great!

  4. Absolutely smashing redo. An outstanding job. I can't believe that you made such dramatic changes for less than a thousand large. I'm in the process of fixing up my outdated kitchen. Little bit here and little bit there. Thinking about seriously changing out my cabinets. Your results inspired me to keep on going.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

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  6. Bamboo shades on the window would look great but I must say the kitchen looks amazing. I love what you did to it. Looks so clean and well thought out. I absolutely love the white cupboards and small window plants. Such a design really makes the place really look like from a magazine!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

  7. I am a huge fan of watching kitchen remodels and this one is no exception. Updating the cabinets with the coat of fresh white paint really helps to brighten the entire space. It looks like a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make a big difference. The subway tile backsplash helps to add an element of character and the countertops are a great punch of color.

  8. Amazing transformation of the kitchen. Although before design looks were not much bad but after done designs, it looks far more beautiful than before just like that kid. However, that kitchen cabinet are core part that makes your kitchen looks great along with wall design.