Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Phoebe Rae 1 Month

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): 9 pounds 13 oz of yummy chubbiness! All newborn stuff, but that might be ending this week! Some are getting pretty dang tight! But I am having a hard time putting anything 0-3 on her! She’s growing way way to fast! But I love her chunkiness she’s getting! It is so bittersweet! 

Eyes: They are blue as of now!

Hair:  A super dark brown! And lots of it!!! It is the craziest, it has a mind of its own and sticks up in so many different directions! So far she hasn’t seemed to lose any! 

Sleeping: During the day she sleeps pretty much all the time! Just this past week I feel like she’s really started to wake up more! She’s awake for probably 45 minutes to an hour on average and then right before she goes down for bed at night she’s up for closer to 2 hours! She has been sleeping on average 10-5am, eats, then 5:30-8:30 and then is up for an hour or so. The first couple weeks weren’t that good because I was swaddling her and she would just fight it all night long, twist and turn-I thought it was gas. Then one night I decided to not swaddle her and we got a long stretch in! It just takes her awhile to fall asleep if she isn’t swaddled so I purchased the love to dream swaddle and its been amazing! It is kind of like the zipadeezip but tighter! She still gets to be mostly free but it does muffle some of her startle reflexes! 

Eating: I plan to do a whole post about our breastfeeding journey so far cause we just about threw in the towel, actually we did for about a week and she was being exclusively bottle fed while I pumped. This girl was having the hardest time latching and really the only time she ever cried was when I tried to nurse her. She hated it, which would frustrate me, which would then frustrate her even more. We kept trying obviously until she stopped having wet/poopy diapers for a couple days and lost way more than the okay 10%. I knew it wasn’t a supply issue because I was pumping 3 oz every 3 hours no problem. Okay anyways I can happily say she is back to 100% eating from the breast! Has been since 2 weeks old! We are giving her one bottle of pumped milk once a week to make sure she will take them but other than that she is exclusively on the breast! It’s something we had to really fight and work for this time around, it was definitely humbling and taught me a lot, I will hopefully be sharing what we did to make it work soon! You know as soon as I have time or energy to write up that post! 

Milestones: she was born;) haha 

being pat on the back

when the car hits a stop light

Honestly this girl is so go with the flow she doesn’t have a strong opinion about much at this point! She is so so so opposite from Milan  I think Milan's “hates” list was a mile long at 1 month old haha! She rarely rarely cries! Only if she’s hungry or we are driving and are sitting at a stop light too long-but she stops as soon as we start moving again! Her easy going temperament has made this transition to two kids much easier on me and on Milan because I am able to still give a lot of attention to Milan. 


  1. Thanks for giving us the update! I am 2 months preggo and trying to imagine what life will be like with another little person in our house (Avery is currently 20 months). Interesting on the breastfeeding. I assumed I'd have no issue, since it was a success with Avery.... something else to worry about :) It's funny.... most of my friends have one "easy" baby and one "challenging." I often wonder which one Avery will turn out to be! She has been such a joy but also is a total button pusher and SO opinionated. Hoping for a go-with-the-flow one next round. Congrats to you guys!

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