Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year In Review

This year was a really really good one! Just lots of quality time as a family in our little home! Lots of adventures and traveling! Michael traveled A TON and it has really taught me to take full advantage and enjoy the time that we do get together as a family! It also taught me that I am strong and that I can do more than I think I could. We didn't have any huge job change, big move, new cars in 2016, but we did have the huge life changing event of adding our Phoebe girl to our family! 


  • Milan had her firs snow experience!!
  • We finished our kitchen remodel!
  • I flew out to Arizona to be there for one of my best friend's wedding!


  • Kind of uneventful as we got ready for Phoebe's arrival!
  • Lots of cuddles in bed 
  • Michael was out of town for valentines day:(


  • Our biggest month this year!
  • Milan turned 18 months old! 
  • We walked around a lot trying to get labor going! 
  • Phoebe was born!! 
  • While we were in the hospital all of the trees bloomed, it was the best to come home to! 
  • Spent the majority of the month in PJ's, figuring out breastfeeding, getting outside to enjoy the perfect weather. 


  • More snuggles in bed with the girls! 
  • Had our first official outing to the zoo! 
  • Put the girls in their first set of matching easter dresses! 
  • Life moved pretty slowly-but also so fast! 


  • Started coming out of the newborn fog/juggling two kids! 
  • Went on our first beach trip of the season! Milan was obsessed! 
  • Tried to walk daily.


  • Spent as much time outside as possible! 
  • Lots of time in the water! 
  • We explored different spots in richmond and around Virginia that got us out of the house! 
  • Went up to Philadelphia for fathers day! I surprised Michael with front row tickets to see the Dbacks play the Phillies! 


  • Continued to swim and spend a lot of time at the splash pad
  • Went to the state fair a few times! Milan especially loved the animals! 
  • We visited Pittsburg for the 4th of July! 
  • I hosted a little meet up of some Instagram friends! 
  • Took Milan to her first movie "Finding Dory"-she lasted maybe 15 minutes! 


  • August was a huge month for us as well! 
  • The month began with us visiting my family in Utah for our annual family reunion! We've had it for 76 years! 
  • We then went down to Arizona for a week and unfortunately all of us got sick:( We spent our whole vacation in bed or puking! 
  • We flew home for a few days and then flew to France!! 
  • We spent our time in France mostly on the beach or eating! 


  • Milan turned TWO!! 
  • Phoebe turned 6 months old!! 
  • We got home from France and just took some time to relax at home! 
  • We potty trained Milan! 
  • Visited another little fair! 


  • Went and visited our friends that live in Ohio for halloween! 
  • Enjoyed all the pretty fall leaves! 
  • Took advantage of the cooler weather and got outside more! 
  • Visited a pumpkin patch! 



  • Another big month! 
  • I turned 23!! 
  • We picked up our new puppy Bruno! 
  • Went and visited Michael's sister and her family in Texas for Thanksgiving! 
  • Decorated for christmas! 


  • Visited the Washington DC LDS temple lights for the 2nd year! 
  • Looked at some christmas trees! 
  • I threw my sister a baby shower! She's having my first niece on my side!! So excited to have a girl cousin close to my kids' age! 
  • Flew to Arizona to spend the holidays! 
  • All the Fox cousins except 3 were there! It was a full house for 2 weeks filled with lots of cousin play! 
  • Lots of time outside in perfect weather!
  • Christmas morning (that I got no pictures of :( ) 

I'm not sure what 2017 has in store for us! I do know we have some big exciting changes coming up that I am so excited to see how they play out! This year my main goal is to worry less and enjoy more! To just be present in the moment and not worry what next month holds for me! To enjoy every single day and to be courageous when it comes to trials. Face them head on. I'm hoping to find more of "me" this year. So much of last year was centered around my kids and I was swallowed by all things baby and kids, I am hoping this year brings a little bit more of myself out and that I can find something that is just for ME and that makes ME happy. Here's to 2017!!! I'm excited to have you guys follow along!

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