This video is one of my favorites! It's some of my very favorite memories of Milan's first year! We sure love that sweet girl and the joy she brings to our lives is indescribable

How we announced to the work that there was a teeny baby GIRL growing in my belly! At times I still can't believe it!

My wedding day was beautiful and perfect, sorry to brag, but it was! And I am so thankful Tyson was able to perfectly capture it on video! I will forever cherish this! 9.28.2013

Michael was supposed to be across the county in North Carolina in his Army training, while I had a casual day at school in Rexburg. Idaho. While walking home we decided to take some fun pictures and very much to my surprise out pops my fiancé-to-be from the trees! It will forever be my favorite surprise! Props to him, my brother, and my roommate for pulling that off without me having a single idea! 

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